What is Extmem?

Extmem is a contact management service.
It will provide all info that a professional might need
to make decisions in everyday dealings.

—Āontrol all your contacts in one place
synchronizing it with all your existing address books
find out more about your contacts
though automatic suggestions about each person to build their web identity
track their lifestreams
all social and web activity of the contact and your interaction with him or her
contact interaction dashboard
for sending emails, making phone calls, chat messages and social network comments without leaving Extmem (to be gradually introduced during the following year)

We are at the alpha stage. Please request an invite or
contact us directly


You've got no time and dozens of websites to visit to learn about a new contact or check what your friends are doing? Help yourself with our free contact management service:

Add a new contact and edit it in details. Fill it with automatic Extmem suggestions: links to their blogs, profiles, photos, job positions, emails, etc.

add new contact Edit contact

View contacts and track their life through aggregated feeds from their blogs and social networks; track all your previous personal interaction history with a particular contact.

View contact Dashboard
Import address book from Gmail, Outlook and others Import address book Import address book
Group, search, filter and indicate relationships in between your contacts. (In the future, view contacts by mind map and geotagging) Manage contacts Manage contacts
Care for some improvements? Check out our wishlist and leave your comments. wishlist



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What's new on Extmem

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12 years, 4 months ago
1 votes
Last FM sends zillion links for your profile. How do we make sure it does not suggest all of them?

12 years, 4 months ago
0 votes
Can I add RSS feeds to your profile? Like this one for instance? feed://www.pleso.net/en/publications/rss/latest/

12 years, 8 months ago
3 votes
Add tasks into interaction with my contact. Would be great to save date when task must be complete and have reminders about them

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ExtMem is a brain child of pleso.net team, 2008