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ExtMem at Seedcamp

Posted by: Olha Pryymak - 25.07.2008, 18:26

seedcampIn May 2008 we have participated and took a third place in Seedcamp Eastern Europe. The experience and feedback we gathered from the two days was invaluable. As a result of this feedback we have dramatically narrowed down our project proposal, as well as ready to offer a working version of our service, unlike our original proposal.

We took the following steps: clarified our idea, focused on business value, invited a business consultant to join our team and developed an alpha prototype of Extmem that is up and running and tested by our friends.

We put a lot of work into alpha version and submitted our application for Seedcamp 2008 in London on August 10th. The work is only beginning though as we are updating the service with new features. Our next big milestone is a clear and simple user interface.  We are also preparing a short  video presentation of the service to better explain our service to potential clients.

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